The Ultimate Cashflow Rollercoaster Solution

The Ultimate Cashflow Rollercoaster Solution for 2020 Q4

2020 has been quite a year, hasn’t it?

If you are…

wondering how to pay the bills for the next few months after a roller-coaster year with more downs than ups; or
… you have had a bumper year and want to maintain and build your momentum

Then… THIS is the place you need to be!

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Without an overflowing sales pipeline and well-honed closing skills…

it’s incredibly hard to jump off the cashflow rollercoaster and enjoy consistent, predictable, and steadily growing income.

In this live webinar I’ll teach you the sales and closing skills you need to sell yourself and your services authentically and consistently.
When you apply these proven techniques you’ll be delivered from feast and famine syndrome, the cashflow rollercoaster, and more, no matter WHAT the economy throws at you.
Instead, you’ll experience the relief of knowing exactly:

  • how much money will be rolling into your bank account each month and when it will arrive;
  • what work you need to do to earn that money;
  • what additional resources you need and can afford to finance your growth; and
  • where your next new client is coming from… and the one after that!

I used to believe that there were only 10 profitable months in the year. In fact, one well-known Melbourne business coach used to say that sales mostly ended the first week of November (Melbourne Cup Day) and didn’t start again until the last week of January (Australia Day).
Following that principle, when February rolled around my bank account would be low and I would be scrambling to fill the pipeline for the year ahead. One November, I was looking at my bank balance and complaining about my projected cashflow for the next few months based on this premise. Another coach challenged my assumptions and asked what was stopping me from selling throughout November, December, and January.
I’m not sure if I was expecting to prove him wrong, but I went ahead and followed his advice. Between November 10th and December 20th I added $20,000 to my account and had deals worth an additional $52,000 in the pipeline… and of course, I didn’t stop there. Once I realised what was possible, I kept right on selling.

Right now… your sales and closing skills are more important than ever!

That’s why you need to take the time to pay attention to this webinar and hone your skills – even (or perhaps especially) if you don’t see yourself as being in ‘sales’.

Will you learn something new?
I believe you will. However, the old saying “Energy flows where attention goes,” is also true. The simple act of setting aside time, tuning out distractions, and focusing on improving your sales skills (and practical ways of creating opportunities to use them) will inevitably lead to more sales.

Have you ever wondered…

  • Why some people always have a pipeline full of prospective buyers and others don’t? (Hint: it has nothing to do with personality or pushiness.)
  • Why a list of prospects doesn’t always equate to a long list of closed business… and what you can do to change that?
  • How you can make the question: “Can you give me a better price?” vanish forever?
  • How you entice prospects to chase you… rather than you always having to chase them? (and what that simple switch does to your income, reputation, and workload)

Obviously, in just 1 hour we can’t solve all your sales problems, but this is not one of those ‘sales pitch disguised as teaching’ webinars that have become so common in the last few months.

Yes, I do have something to sell and there will be a pitch at the end – but there’ll also be solid instruction that you can use to boost your sales even if you don’t buy anything.

If you already have a full pipeline for 2021, all the cash you want, and an 85% or better closing rate, then this webinar is NOT for you. If not, I’d love you to join me on November 11th, 2020.

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The Ultimate Cashflow Rollercoaster Solution is Presented by Chandell Labbozzetta

Chandell Labbozzetta

Chandell is an Author, Speaker and Master Trainer of NLP and Sales

She has been actively applying her knowledge and enabling others to do so for more than 15 years. Her students have experienced transformation and ongoing growth in all areas of life including:

  • Sales and career performance;
  • Athletic achievement & skills;
  • Relationships (partner, family, work, leisure);
  • Self-esteem and happiness;
  • Business, income, and wealth growth;
  • Physical and mental wellbeing

Experience and observation have taught Chandell that while money doesn’t buy happiness, money worries erode physical and mental health, relationships, and are a significant cause of family breakdown.

As she says in her bestselling book, Confident Closing: Sales secrets that grew a business by 400% in six months and how they can work for you! “These days, everything is about sales.” She is on a mission to build inter-generational mental health and resilience and developing bullet proof sales skills is an important part of that outcome.


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