Before I began working with Lifepuzzle I was a shadow of my potential and barely living life. I was on medication for depression but still felt empty and lost. I had no ambition to succeed or even connect with my world. I decided to work with Lifepuzzle as I had heard about their amazing company and seen the changes it made in people. I was so unhappy with life and knew I had to do something in order to truly enjoy living and become happy within myself. At that point in my life the medication was no longer helping me cope with my depression and it was suggested that I should increase my medication as a solution. I wanted a long term solution and a life without needing medication to get through the day. Since I have finished my sessions I am an entirely new person. I have an inner drive and happiness that helps me to cope with any negative situation. I have discovered confidence to be myself and face my fears. Life Puzzle helped me to realise my passion for photography and take the steps to start my own business. I have since booked my first wedding client! The most amazing achievement from working with Lifepuzzle is that I am now 100% medication free


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