I went for an NLP session with Life Puzzle on a Friday afternoon (the day after twisting my back and neck). I was in a huge amount of pain from my mid back to my neck and head and with the right side of my back frozen and shooting pains down my right arm. I had virtually no upper body mobility and I graded my pain at 9 out of 10 (Unfortunately, I was unable to get to my Myotherapist until the following Tuesday and explained that I would spend the weekend in this condition). My Coach offered to do some hypnosis with me to temporarily manage the pain until I could see my Practitioner. We started by talking about how I wanted to feel at the end: flexible, free, mobile and connected. I can only remember certain parts of hearing Chandell’s voice while I was in trance, but one of the most interesting parts I remember was being able to make the pain greater before reducing it – this formed the basis for telling myself that if I could make it worse, then surely I could make it better? And I did, thanks to Chandell. By the time I came round I was hardly in pain, my body was noticeably more relaxed and I was far more mobile and the new grading for the pain was now ONLY 3 out of 10. It was a such relief and amazing to discover I could do that myself in a such a short period of time. I would absolutely recommend a Hypnosis session with Life Puzzle to anyone dealing with pain or injury – it was transformational, instant and effective. Best of all it challenged me to think further about just how powerful a tool my mind is


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