I’ve gained so much with the program and we are only in week 4. If it wasn’t for this course, I would not have followed up with a client (who I thought rejected me due to price). Today I followed them up using what we learned in the program and closed a $4,000 per month deal. Not only has the course paid for itself, I now know I have the confidence to close.

So I feel very positive that this quarter, like I said to mom today is that if it wasn’t for this course, I wouldn’t have even chased up the three t client because I would have just thought all they don’t want to hear from me and I think that I’m over cost and I would have taken it really personally and I wouldn’t actually followed them up and then I would have missed out on $4,000. So them saying yes has now just paid for this course. So I have lost nothing by doing this course but I’ve gained an absolute hell of a lot. And I just really am thankful for believing in me and for helping me along the way and putting up with my payments. That is a freeing process, but I can promise you that I’m gonna make it so they do from now on. So thank you very, very much


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