Confident Closing
“I enjoyed the 2-day Confident Closing Workshop run by Chandell Labbozzetta at Life Puzzle immensely, but even more importantly, it transformed my business and gave me the confidence I needed to close more deals and to present the value I offer more persuasively. I attended the course on the Tuesday and Wednesday and that very Friday I closed the biggest deal ever – using the skills I had learned. My prospect never even blinked at the price I asked. Was Confident Closing a worthwhile investment of time and money? Absolutely!”
-March 2014

NLP Practitioner Training
“‘Seven days away from my business, can I afford that?’ was my initial thought about NLP Practitioner Training. When I looked through the material covered I knew that it would be valuable for me so I bit the bullet and signed up.
24 hours in I knew it was the right choice! It was demanding, exhausting, and exciting all in one. The schedule sounded far more onerous than it actually was because Chandell and Teresa were such great teachers that it never felt like 8 hours of straight teaching and practice, and the other students were all highly motivated as well. The course was far more than simply theory and business skills. As a result of this training many areas of my life and relationships have improved as well as my business and I made some new friends.”
-July 2014

NLP Master Practitioner Training
“I never intended to go past the NLP Practitioner level training, but looking over the Master Practitioner topics I was tempted to sign up. Sixteen days seemed even more impossible to carve out of my life than seven days, but it was totally worth the challenge. I grew as a person and my business has taken off too as I apply my new skills in presentations, meetings, and phone conversations.
It was hard work, but it felt more like fun because the group worked together so well, not to mention Chandell and Teresa’s motivational teaching style.”
-October 2014

Business Coaching with Chandell Labbozzetta
“Coaching with Chandell has been amazing! I’m getting more done in fewer hours, avoiding the roller coaster profit issues I had previously, and I’m doing more of the things I love to do, and less of the things I just do because I have to.
I was nervous about the investment in coaching, but I have multiplied my money. The most exciting breakthrough came at the end of one session when Chandell challenged me to follow up two enquiries with a quote at a price that I knew was fair, but which I anticipated my client would question. I sent 3 emails out and generated nearly $2,000 within 24 hours. Similar things have happened most weeks.”
I can’t wait to see what 2015 brings!
-December 2014


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