In 2018 after a repeated behaviour that could’ve taken me down another path of self pity, I knew that I needed to absolutely LEVEL UP and take full responsibility and accountability for my life and career. I had moonshot goals that I wanted to achieve, and like anything in life; we can do it alone or we can bring on an expert to help us ACHIEVE…you don’t know many Olympian’s or successful people without a coach or mentor do you?

I was introduced to Chandell back in 2018. Through Chandell’s coaching she has helped me breakthrough some massive limiting beliefs, walls of grief and trauma. I see past “hurts” in a different light which no longer include the word, “hurt”. I have found an inner peace which has been freeing for my soul and emotional state.

I work with Chandell on being a better leader and improving my communication skills to achieve desired outcomes. Having recently completed the NLP Practitioner training has really opened up my eyes further to different communication styles, sales strategies, learning modalities and it helped me understand that I can STILL be a better listener and how much as humans we need to get comfortable with being uncomfortable for exponential growth…I always will have room for growth!

to say that I am eternally grateful for meeting and having had the opportunity to work with Chandell is an understatement; she is among the top 5 of my life’s influencers.


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