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Train your Unconscious Mind to generate habits of success


Train your Unconscious Mind to generate habits of success













“Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines, practiced every day.” – Jim Rohn




Do you know that it is the unconscious mind that generates habits? Want to find out the ways to train it to install habits that can make you successful in life?

First, you got to build rapport with your unconscious mind. This is because there exists a disassociation between the conscious and the unconscious mind. Treat it kindly like you do a five-year-old child.

Second, know what you want. You have to give your unconscious mind directions for it to follow you (conscious mind).

Your directions have to be clear and specific and must be something positive. The unconscious mind does not process negatives. An example can be: I want to save a thousand dollars every month starting January 2017.

Then, focus on what you want. Be aware of what you want. Have external reminders of your goal in your bedroom and work area. This will train your mind to see instances everyday where you can meet your goal. It could be in a store as you are shopping for a gift for a friend. Your unconscious mind may tell you in a feeling that that reasonably-priced jacket is perfect for your friend instead of a much rather expensive one.

These feelings would be so subtle; you wouldn’t know it to be your unconscious talking to you. And they would point out other areas in your life where you can manifest your goal. It could be by an increased awareness for other income generating activities that come your way.

As you go through your life installing habits of success like saving and investing, your unconscious mind may become your best friend. It will support you to meet your goals and it will attract people and events that are in the direction/congruent with your dominant thoughts. Your dominant thoughts being your unconscious mind geared towards success.


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Chandell Labbozzetta

Chandell Labbozzetta is a certified Trainer in NLP, Coaching and Hypnosis, a Master Time Line Therapy™ Trainer. Chandell’s purpose is to inspire confidence in others so THEY can make empowered decisions. Chandell, has held roles with large organizations such as KPMG and REGUS, has worked on Large Scale Events in the Events Management Industry and successfully built businesses within the Franchising Sector. With a talent for teaching people to be excellent sales people and confident public speakers, Chandell now shares with her clients the tools that enabled her confidently grow a business by 400% in just 6 months.

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