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Implementation Accelerator

Eliminate Your #1 Growth Inhibitor by Crushing Procrastination For 13-Week..

Eliminate Your #1 Growth Inhibitor by Crushing Procrastination

For 13-Week Graduates & Coaching Clients Only

What is Implementation Accelerator?

A fantastic opportunity to tap into Chandell’s business and sales expertise month after month and learn from other people’s successes, challenges, and failures.

  • 12-month commitment
  • Monthly online training with a group of up to 30 other business owners
  • Sales & growth-focused implementation activation and accountability
  • Designed so that you resist distraction and complete the tasks that will drive your business forward
  • Opportunity to learn first-hand from other group members in different industries (crucial for innovation)
  • Affirmation / Encouragement about your roadmap to a satisfyingly profitable business
  • Focus on taking ‘the next step’ as well as ‘the ultimate outcome’

What You Get:

  • 1 New Online Training Event per month
  • 30-60 minute Q&A with Chandell
  • Voxer group with your pod Chandell

Cost: $297 per month (total investment of $3564.00 per year)

Interested? Send an Email to

[email protected]

Open only to selected LifePuzzle graduates and coaching clients to ensure that every member obtains maximum benefit.


Let me tell you what has inspired Implementation Accelerator…

Last week I had THREE phone calls from past clients and students, all asking for a specific type of help. I’ve been fielding this kind of call from graduates for quite a while…

People like you are…

  • Struggling with business and sales details! You know the theory, but you’re stuck and confused about what your very next step should be, so you don’t act promptly and decisively;
  • Struggling with pricing, value presentation, and closing. Some things have changed in the economy, your personal goals, or your program and you feel like your profits don’t reflect your income goals and the effort you’re investing, but you’re not quite sure how to adapt;
  • Losing motivation. You’ve worked so hard, but, if you’re honest with yourself, you aren’t getting the income, recognition, freedom and other outcomes you expected you’d see by now
  • Sick of the patient sighs from family and friends, and the (spoken or unspoken) assumption that one day you’ll grow up and get a ‘real’ job…

… I’m sure you can add to this list from your own experience. It’s not that you don’t have other coaches or groups, but they aren’t quite like this one.

As you know from your previous experience in the 13-week programs or 1:1 coaching the depth of business experience and holistic approach we use at LifePuzzle is unique… nothing else quite matches it!

… but Implementation Accelerator isn’t for all our graduates so before you apply I’d like you to answer the following questions honestly:

Do You…

  • genuinely want to take your business to the next level, but find yourself easily distracted by bright shiny objects?
  • know the theory, but struggle to actually do what you need to do?
  • want to know the tools and tricks that are working now in the fundamentals of business, sales, and marketing?
  • want to innovate by taking ideas from business owners in other industries and markets?
  • need to dive deeper into the strategic and mindset areas you’ve already covered  in other courses?
  • need the affirmation, motivation, and encouragement that comes from hearing several other people’s problems and solutions?
  • need to focus on both ‘the next step’ and ‘the ultimate outcome’?
  • want that extra edge that will help you take more focused action and achieve the results you truly desire?
  • take responsibility for your lack of action and your results?
  • want a higher level of success, profit, and freedom?
  • realise there are things you need to change?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to at least 7 of the questions above, then Implementation Accelerator could be for you.

So, what is the Implementation Accelerator?

It is a 100% online program designed to provide training, motivation, and answers to specific questions in a group context.

Each month you’ll get:

  • 1 new live training event (and post-event access to the recording)
  • 30-60 minute Q&A session with Chandell and your fellow pod members.

You’ll be part of a pod of other like-minded business owners and each pod will have its own Voxer channel and access to Chandell’s wisdom.

You’ll also receive special access to additional materials that will support your personal growth and implementation.

Because of the nature of the program we’re asking for a 12-month commitment from you and we’re limiting the number of people in each pod to facilitate trust and interaction. We’re also only inviting clients who we know are truly committed to success and engagement and we will evaluate your application.

The investment to join the program will be $297.00 per month ($3564.00 per year) and it is only open to people within the LifePuzzle community.

What do I need to do to get in on the action?

  1. Email Ken: [email protected] with your name, contact details and previous experience with LifePuzzle
  2. We’ll contact you with Registration Details if you qualify or invite you to jump on a call if we have any concerns.

Look, we’re all busy.  There are hundreds of reasons why you may feel you don’t have the time or money to join another program… and one of them is your need to create more opportunities and close more sales so you can increase your profits. You can learn a lot from books, online courses, and other coaches, but nothing beats having a structured course to work through, assignments to complete by a deadline, the opportunity to ask your own questions, and hear from other members about their problems and solutions.

If you recognise that consistent, targeted, disciplined implementation is your downfall, then NOW is the time to CHOOSE ACTION!



Maybe you already know what you should be doing… but common knowledge isn’t common practice.

The #1 Reason businesses fail isn’t lack of knowledge, it’s lack of implementation.