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3-Day Hypnosis Certification Training

Why should I attend Hypnosis Training? If you have taken..

3-Day Hypnosis Certification Training

Why should I attend Hypnosis Training?

If you have taken other Hypnosis training, you will probably find this easier to learn than most. The course follows a logical sequence, making it easy to learn by building on your success over the course of the training. You won’t have to watch long, boring videos of someone else doing Hypnosis — there will be live demonstrations and you will participate in exercises that will see you put into practice what you are learning.  It’s easier than you think! Our trainers are certified hypnosis trainers as well as being either Certified Trainers of NLP.   Are you a health-care professional, a counsellor, a naturopath, a Personal Trainer or a Parent that is searching for ways to assist others to be compliant?  Imagine what would happen if your clients followed your instructions and actually GOT their results?  Well, hypnosis is an excellent way to increase compliance and desire to succeed as it works with BOTH the conscious and the unconscious mind – because all of our behaviours are generated at the unconscious level, using hypnosis to make change at this level increases effective results!  Even if you’re just curious about what Hypnosis can do for you personally – you will love this weekend training! Still have questions? Call us on 03 9563 9978 or email

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Chandell Labbozzetta

Chandell Labbozzetta is a certified Trainer in NLP, Coaching and Hypnosis, a Master Time Line Therapy™ Trainer. Chandell’s purpose is to inspire confidence in others so THEY can make empowered decisions. Chandell, has held roles with large organizations such as KPMG and REGUS, has worked on Large Scale Events in the Events Management Industry and successfully built businesses within the Franchising Sector. With a talent for teaching people to be excellent sales people and confident public speakers, Chandell now shares with her clients the tools that enabled her confidently grow a business by 400% in just 6 months.