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Sales & Business Development Programs

The Security of Knowing Where You are Going... PLUS The..

The Security of Knowing Where You are Going… PLUS

The Flexibility of Personalisation

When you enrol in LifePuzzle’s group or corporate business development programs you can be confident that you are following a proven roadmap that will take you from where you are to where you want to be.

Whether your business vision is:

  • a four-hour workweek
  • the ability to travel to mountains, beaches, and forests without skipping a beat
  • a multi-million dollar business
  • a sustainable, predictable income
  • or…

there are certain milestones you need to reach and some foundations you need in place if you want to achieve it.

Our programs don’t leave that process to chance.


They don’t ignore the personal factors that block progress and derail your efforts, so we also work with you to finally crush those self-defeating thoughts and habits.

Check out our most popular programs:

  • 13-week Profitable Business Accelerator (Personalised small groups of business owners online with Live Training Day)
  • Implementation Accelerator (Monthly group accountability and business training for LifePuzzle clients)
  • Sales Growth Accelerator (1:1 coaching for business owners)
  • In-House Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) & Sales Training (Custom training for small businesses and corporate teams)