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  • Why you should act as if… you are who you want to be NOT who you think you are

    You Are Much More Than You Think You Are… but maybe you’re choosing to live as though you were even less! Our words shape our beliefs, and our beliefs affect our behaviours. If you believe that you are: ‘Just a mum’ ‘Not good with money’ ‘Bad at communicating your desires’ ‘No good at selling’ ‘Unable […]

  • Stop Being Invisible!

    … Because it is Hurting Your Business Harry Potter found his invisibility cloak extremely useful… but you don’t want to wear yours. An invisible business is in big trouble. So is a forgettable business. So, how do you make yourself and your business memorable? The answer: You reach out and tweak the emotional response of […]

  • Would You Like a Baby Lobster for Dinner?

    … I’m guessing your answer is , “No!” But if lobsters didn’t get so desperately uncomfortable that they were willing to take radical action, then you’d never get to eat an enormous, succulent lobster for dinner. If only people were like lobsters… and used our discomfort as a stimulus to move forward and grow. Most […]

  • What Marie Kondo doesn’t know about motivation…

    I lost count of the number of times I heard my Mum and Grandma say, “Everything has a place and if you put it there you will get more done.” Most of the time, I was too busy to pay attention and follow their advice because I could always find what I needed. Sometimes, I’d […]

  • NLP Techniques/Winning Vocabulary: Building Rapport With Words

    #TuesdayTips Understanding how people think isn’t just a good sales technique, it also is a great relationship-building skill that helps in all areas of your life! I’ve already talked about how Internal Representation Systems (IRS) work and how identifying them can help you communicate better on many levels.  This post is focused on identifying the […]

  • NLP: Your Energy Flows Where Your Attention Goes

    #TuesdayTips Think about that for a minute … Don’t argue with it, just let it tumble around in your mind a bit, and reflect on the question “What if this is true?” Without energy, we stop living. Without energy your relationships fade, your career fades away, and your dreams die; breathe energy and attention into […]

  • NLP: Are You A Hostage To Your Own Excuses?

    #TuesdayTips Have you ever noticed how easy it is to spend time with people who validate your own decisions and way of thinking? It’s a core principle of human behaviour that we prefer to hang out with those who share and reinforce our ideas and emotions. That carries over into the things we say to […]

  • NLP Techniques: Change Your Mind, Change Your Outcome

    #TuesdayTips The Itty-Bitty-Shitty Committee Part 2 – Change Your Mind, Change Your Outcome   My last post talked about how the thoughts that run through your mind can sabotage your best efforts at business building.  You may have tried the exercise I suggested, and seen for yourself how the tape you are playing in your […]