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Guided Mediation

In today’s hurried, hectic environment meditation is an essential tool..

In today’s hurried, hectic environment meditation is an essential tool for mental and physical health, yet very few of us tap into the powerful and simple process effectively.

Join Teresa Labbozzetta, Master hypnotherapist on a journey into peace and tranquillity. Teresa discovered the healing power of meditation during her (successful) struggle against breast cancer nearly 20 years ago. She guides you into your own place of inner tranquillity and teaches you everything you need to know to bring reach your own place of rest, healing, and freedom.

Like all the classes and courses Life Puzzle runs, Guided Meditation is about empowering you, and giving you the tools you need to live a resourceful and satisfying life.
During these sessions you will learn to switch off and channel your energy and attention so that you are centred and focused on the outcomes you truly desire. Each of the 6 sessions focuses on clarifying a different issue in your life: –

1. Your Journey to a Clarity and Purpose – Quietening your Mind;
2. Dealing with Negative Emotions and Stress;
3. Your Journey to Today – Looking at Your Time Line;
4. Overcoming Self-defeating Behaviour by Understanding Your Worth
5. Your Journey to Healing through Visualisation;
6. Your Journey to Wealth and Abundance.

Guided Meditation Classes take place over 6 weeks – 6 x 1.5-2 hour Sessions
Where: Life Puzzle Training Centre, Unit 13, 211 Warrigal Rd, Bentleigh East VIC 3204
When: TBA

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