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Who am I?   

Hello I am Kylie-Ann. One of my mottos is that 'there is always an angle' in resolving any problem. I am a motivator, an action taker, ready to inspire and get you moving.   Four years ago I decided to create something more for myself as owning skin clinics, treating and changing skin was easy however disheartening as I found clients were still leaving unsatisfied with themselves.  I embarked to become a Trainer in NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming and simplified I specialise in helping people overcome difficulties involving lack of self worth, confidence, self-regard, lost motivation, focus and direction. 

It is not therapy, I believe you are perfectly fine exactly how you are, you are not wrong or broken, simply needing new and improved resources. I work with you, not on you to STOP the internal thoughts in your head that create blocks on your actions to move forward or to make decisions.  I work with you to create new pathways and to give you the tools to stop doing the same old. Where someone is stuck I will assist in getting you started. 

So, imagine this … If you never experienced that again and you got more done, felt energised, knowing clearly what you wanted and how to achieve it. How would that feel? Would you think that’s something you would like to change for yourself?  So, if you would like to be more focused, passionate about the path you are pursuing, done with feeling like you can't be bothered and instead want to kick goals and take control of how you are feeling inside your head I would really like to hear from you. 

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Kylie-Ann Kobelt          


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I experienced techniques of NLP for self limiting beliefs that were holding me back from becoming successful and having confidence to move forward. In a very short time and with remarkable ease, those blocks were removed and I am now setting a cracking pace with my business kicking major goals. Thank you so much Kylie-Ann, you are amazing!!

Anonymous - Business Owner

Kylie-Ann has done incredible work with my business, initially group sessions to have our staff obtain an understanding of NLP and how they can use it in their daily lives and work place which really opened their eyes and minds. Following this I sent my manager to do intensive one with her and she has transformed into a decisive, strong leader who is ready to take my business by the reins and control it. Kylie-Ann is amazing and truly talented at long term transformations. 

Kimberly Martini - Eternal Beauty

Thanks so much for today. I can't explain it or detail what was so valuable from the session although I feel like it has shifted me into a new space at present that isn't familiar although I feel confidence in being here. Thank you.

N. Lacey

Coaching is about helping you find real motivation and giving you the tools you need to achieve the things you want.  It’s about you taking control of your life and shaping it the way you want it to be.

It is about  ACTION and CHANGE!


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