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The Confident Closing Book $1

“Discover The 5-Step Sales Process Your Competition Doesn’t Want You..

“Discover The 5-Step Sales Process Your Competition
Doesn’t Want You to Use …
For The Special Launch Price of Just $1!”

Master This Process And You Could Turn Nearly 100% 
of Your Appointments into Sales.
Until now, you had to attend a ‘Confident Closing Workshop’ to learn this.
Now, you can access it in the privacy of your own home. Anytime. Anywhere.

Buy Confident Closing for ONLY $1

Dear Business Owner,

If you’re tired of having great meetings with qualified prospects … and then losing the sale, or are currently making what I call  “heartbreak” profits, then you need this message.

The chances are, that your sales’ processes just aren’t connecting you with your prospect in the way they need to. My 5-Step Sales Process can change all that so that your close rate soars. The truth is, your prospects are probably picking up on your secret internal hesitations about selling – overcome that, and your life could change dramatically.

This is not a system that works just for ‘natural’ sales people. It works for anyone who uses it. Like my client Steve, who attended my 2-day Confident Closing workshop and went out and sold a $100,000 contract the following day … or Debra, who closed 100% of her appointments in the week after Confident Closing and has maintained a closing rate over 90% and gone on to raise her prices repeatedly as demand accelerates.

These 5 sales steps, will motivate your prospect to sign contracts on the spot and forget about negotiating with your competitors, including:

• The four vital principles for controlling the appointment with your prospect. (These include deadly mistakes NOT to make as well as the BIG secret of what you MUST do to make the sale.)
• The biggest factor that determines whether prospects buy now – I bet it’s not what you think it is!
• The best strategy for handling objections – applies to all businesses, all products, and will transform your sales results.
When you apply this process, you’ll close more appointments and make more money than you ever have before. Who knows, you might even find you enjoy selling!

This is something that goes way beyond using scripts, product sheets, and strong-arm tactics

This Is About Making Your Prospect 
So Sure That He Wants To Work With You
That He Won’t Even WANT
 To Talk To Any of Your Competitors!

You’ll be able to implement this 5-step process to transform your own sales results, and the results of everyone on your team.

What’s more, you’ll be able to feel great about every sale you make, and your clients will be delighted they are working with you.

You’ll be able to:

read your prospect’s mind and discover exactly what problems they are most eager to solve.  You know you’re probably not really talking about the thing that bothers them most.   This could be the “Magic button” that makes your sales skyrocket.

create tailored solutions that speak to each client’s need (without actually changing your product).  That makes your prospects feel that they have been treated as a person to be heard, not as an ‘object’ to be sold to.

offer win-win solutions that increase your profits AND help your prospect to create even MORE wealth.  Just a 5-10% boost in your closing rate could more than repay you for the time and money you invest in this program, but Confident Closing Workshop graduates typically find their closing rates almost double.

It’s all here … in this little book that is full of stories about people just like you. People who hated to sell … or people who struggled to close sales that they thought were a ‘done deal’ … and who now actually enjoy talking to prospects, and watching them sign on the dotted line.

Of course, I expect that you can provide the service you say you can, and that you really do have solutions to your prospect’s problems … because this 5-step sales process is so powerful that you could really hurt people if you use it so sell something that isn’t valuable. But I’m sure you wouldn’t do that.

Buy Confident Closing for ONLY $1

So, if you think that your prospects are missing out when they choose to work with your competitors … or decide to wait and do nothing … then buy “Confident Closing: Sales Secrets That Grew a Business By 400% in 6 Months and How They Can Work For You” for just $1+s&h, read it, use it, and transform your business.

In addition to your $1 copy of “Confident Closing: Sales Secrets That Grew a Business By 400% in 6 Months and How They Can Work For You” you’ll get the following bonuses:-

Bonus #1 – Free Elevator Pitch Tool to help you attract your ideal prospects in 60 seconds or less. A stunning elevator pitch is one of the most effective tools you can have. Mine has even given me an opportunity for a paid gig on commercial television, while I was standing in the car rental line at an airport.

Bonus #2 – “How Your Preferred Communication Style Impacts Others And What You Can Do To Change: Internal Representation Test”. This test has been developed exclusively by Life Puzzle for our private coaching clients but if you order before the deadline, you can discover this life-changing secret. (Usually available only as part of our $10,000 private coaching program)

Buy Confident Closing for ONLY $1

You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain!  Building Your Confidence – One Sale At A Time

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P.S.  We’re all in sales, whether we like it or not – selling our skills, our services, our products or our time … so why not learn to sell with elegance and conviction.  It’s a whole lot more fun than being embarrassed about doing it.