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  • NLP for Business: What Is An Elevator Pitch?

          #TuesdayTips   The elevator pitch is one of the essential business tools you need.  It’s rumoured that the elevator pitch came out of the process screenplay writers used to get the attention of producers and directors in Hollywood.  They were so hard to book time with that script writers would go to […]

  • Why People Buy and Why it Matters

        #TuesdayTips   “I really think you’ll love this skincare product, it’s 100% plant-based and all the packaging is environmentally-friendly and …” “That’s not what I’m really looking for in my skin-care regime.  I want quick, easy, and effective.” was my response. “But …” And she’s lost me.  She didn’t listen.  Yes, I care […]

  • Don’t Assume, Ask Questions

        #TuesdayTips   I see sales people and business owners all the time who assume they know exactly what their prospects and clients want.  Sometimes they are right.  Sometimes not. If you think that people aren’t biting on the bait you’re putting out because you’re not getting the words right, think again.  That may […]

  • How To Get Results From Cold-Calling

      #TuesdayTips   I am one of those weird people that sort of enjoys cold calling – within limits.  My results have always been good, and that has given me the confidence keep going when I am rejected.  But there’s a reason why my results have usually been so good, and that’s what I’d like […]