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  • Resourceful Living: What’s Your Roadblock?

          #TuesdayTips   I firmly believe that each of us have all the resources we need to make a success of both our business and our personal lives – it’s just that sometimes we get caught up in ways of thinking and behaving that mess us up over and over again.  I’ve seen […]

  • How To Get Results From Cold-Calling

      #TuesdayTips   I am one of those weird people that sort of enjoys cold calling – within limits.  My results have always been good, and that has given me the confidence keep going when I am rejected.  But there’s a reason why my results have usually been so good, and that’s what I’d like […]

  • Don’t Assume, Ask Questions

    Don’t Assume, Ask Questions

    I see sales people and business owners all the time who assume they know exactly what their prospects and clients want.  Sometimes they are right.  Sometimes not. If you think that people aren’t biting on the bait you’re putting out because you’re not getting the words right, think again.  That may be the reason, but […]

  • How to Improve Your Sales Closure Rate

    How to Improve Your Sales Closure Rate

    This is the final part of a detailed look at the 5-Step Sales Process.  So far we have looked at the importance of :-     ⁃    Building Rapport;     ⁃    Asking Questions;     ⁃    Establishing Need & Value-Add;     ⁃    Proposing a Solution; – and now we will look at Closing the Sale – the […]

  • Does Your Solution Fit Their Problem?

    Does Your Solution Fit Their Problem?

    Now that you have built rapport, asked questions, and established your prospect’s need for your product or service it is time to propose a solution before asking for the sale.  This is where many businesses fall down and lose their way – they offer every client the exact same options and solutions.  This often comes […]