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Confident Closing Sales Training

Confident Closing Sales Training … because one way or another, we’re..

Confident Closing Sales Training … because one way or another, we’re all in sales
Learn The #1 Reason Why Prospects DON’T Buy … And How You Can Eliminate It!

“Why didn’t they buy?”

That’s the #1 Question I hear at my Confident Closing Workshops!  Everything looked so promising, I thought we were just moments away from a deal … but then they disappeared.

Do you know why qualified prospects don’t buy from you?  I haven’t met you yet, so I can’t tell you exactly, but within 5 minutes of sitting down to talk with you I bet I can tell you what your problem is.  However, the really exciting part of the equation is that I can also help you eliminate the problem and transform your business.

Most of the people I work with are selling great products that solve real problems for their clients.  They are competent, they are likeable … but they just can’t close deals!

If this is you, then I can help you identify the real obstacles to closing, solve your sales problems and set you on a success trajectory that will transform your business and open up new opportunities for you.  Of course,  you’ll still have to do the work, but the results will be dramatically different.

You can read the story of how the techniques I teach in this workshop transformed a sales team in my book,  “Confident Closing: Sales Secrets That Grew A Business by 400% in 6 Months And How They Can Work For You!”.  This 2-day workshop is a public version of the training that launched the turnaround I talk about there.

My coaching clients, and graduates of the Confident Closing Workshop have gone on to achieve amazing results in their own businesses as well.  The concrete skills you learn in this 2-day workshop aren’t limited to a powerful pitch, or even how to overcome objections and set goals that will really drive you forwards.  It also involves interaction with the trainers, and other attendees, and specific answers to your problems and difficulties.

The workshop is called Confident Closing for a reason.  The biggest obstacle to your sales success is not what you say, it’s what you communicate unconsciously.  We’ll teach you to read your prospects so that they feed off your confidence, rather than you feeding off their doubt.  You’ll learn how to win the ‘inner game’ that determines your results.

Look, we’re all busy.  There are hundreds of reasons why you can’t set aside 2 days to attend a workshop – and one of them is your need to close more sales so you can make more profit (or even make a profit).  So I’ll just ask you one question: – If you invested 2 days, and your close rate went from 1:5 to 1:4, would that workshop be worthwhile?  What if it jumped to 1:3?

You can learn some of this from books and online courses, but nothing beats being physically in a room, having the opportunity to ask your own questions face-to-face, and learning from other attendees as well as actually practicing your pitch and getting personalised feedback.

Your time is valuable, but sales are the lifeblood of your business and you need to develop world class skills in this area, so take action now.

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