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  When you talk to a business coach about coaching..


When you talk to a business coach about coaching you, your first question should always be: “Who is your business coach?”  A business coach who isn’t investing in getting coaching themselves isn’t worth your time or money!

Why do I say that? Well, business coaching isn’t primarily about telling you things you didn’t know already … it’s about helping you to use the knowledge and skills you already have. That’s not to say that you don’t have things to learn, it’s just pointing out that the biggest benefit a business coach brings to your business, or department is a new perspective on the problem. And yes, I do have a coach of my own. I wouldn’t be without one!

My business coach once told me that sometimes when he met with his own coach he’d find himself going through the same questions he’d been asking a client earlier – and he’d get the same blinding flash of insight that his client had when he went through it with them. The truth is that we are all too close to our own businesses to see things clearly. We may think that our employees, staff, bosses, or family members can help us out – but there are many reasons why that often doesn’t work very well.

Your business coach brings their own business and coaching experience as well as a commitment to your best interests and and emotional detachment. They have nothing to gain or lose by helping you to decide that one path is better than another.

My background is in Corporate Sales across a variety of industries. In 2004, I used my Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) training to coach a sales team from dismal failure, to incredible success. Our goal was to grow the business by 100% in 12 months – and in just 6 months we grew the business by over 400%. What’s more, every member of the team was more fulfilled and relaxed than they had been in years. Those people have gone on to achieve personal and professional dreams that they had assumed were out of their reach.

I work with Corporate Groups and Business Teams and Owners to help them overcome the blocks that are stopping them from achieving their goals as individuals or teams. The value of the whole is always greater than the sum of the parts and organisations I work with usually find that as each team member develops individually, the team’s performance grows exponentially.

If your team wants to grow it’s sales, increase profit margins, and become more productive than you’ve ever dreamed of, then I can help you. We start by arranging a H.O.W.T.O Session, which involves a structured 1.5-3 hour interview and a comprehensive assessment of your needs and capabilities. I then use the findings from this Discovery session (H.O.W.T.O stands for History, Obstacles, Walls, Timelines and Outcomes) to create a detailed coaching programme and price based on your goals for your Team or Business.

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